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Rugby World Cup: Canada still struggling

The desire is there, the effort is there, the will to win is there, but Canada’s rugby team is being completely overwhelmed by the competition. After just barely squeaking into the World Cup competition, Canada was placed in a group» 

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Canada humbled at Rugby World Cup

In spite of their spirit and determination, Canada may not have been expected to do well at the international championship, especially as the Canadian team struggled to even make the event, squeaking into the last spot. After being clobbered by» 


What are Canada’s chances in the Rugby World Cup?

The Rugby World Cup kicks off today in Japan with the host team’s victory over Russia, 30-10. Canada, for their part, will start on September 26 against Italy, but expectations for this World Cup are rather low as the team» 

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School rugby programmes cancelled in Nova Scotia

The maritime province of Nova Scotia announced it has ceased all its high-school rugby programmes. The decision was apparently based on insurance costs and injury rates. There’s no doubt that rugby is a rough and tumble game like most other» 

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Rough and tumble: Rugby Canada vs Ireland, Romania, Samoa

Canada’s senior men’s rugby team faces a stiff challenge on Saturday (Nov 12) as it begins a three match European tour. Canada’s team has pulled its players from all across the country with players from Newfoundland to British Columbia in»