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Rum will travel the world on tall ship

The Ironwork Distillery is drawing great attention to its “rare-edition rum” by putting it into four oak casks and loading it onto the tall ship Picton Castle for a round-the-world voyage. The distillery is situated in Lunenberg in the eastern »

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History: March 30, 1972; the last tot of rum for the Navy (RCN)

Since it’s earliest days, the Royal Navy supplied alcohol to its sailors. Originally it was a gallon of beer per day, beer preserving better than plain water on voyages. However, this took up a lot of room on board. As »

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Yo ho ho…Reviving an old, (overproof), tradition

Rum returns to Fortress Louisbourg A sight not seen in centuries, Rum casks piled near the King’s gate at Fortress Louisbourg. The rum will be aged in this unique climate and will also be available to visitors © Authentic Seacoast Distelling »