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Constant exposure to ambient noise and your health

It’s known that extremely loud noises can damage your hearing, but we’re becoming aware that constant levels of noise below damaging levels can have other health effects. Tor Oiamo (PhD) is an assistant professor, Ryerson University in the Department of» 

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Toronto: fastest growing city in North America

There are much bigger cities in the U.S. than Canada’s biggest city, Toronto.  But that hasn’t stopped Toronto being the fastest growing city on the continent, and by a wide margin. It’s also the second fastest growing urban region in» 

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Jobs threatened, jobs created, the future of employment in 2030

Many reports suggest that technology and AI will threaten vast numbers of typical job categories we know today. A new report notes that other factors will also come into play in both eliminating and in creating jobs by 2030 including» 

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Employer/employee contracts, when guarantees for workers are not guaranteed after all.

Giant retailer Sears Canada has filed for bankruptcy protection. In its efforts to restructure,  the firm will close dozens of its stores, and cut its staff by almost 3,000 people. Sears Canada had employed about 17.000 people, some 10, 500 of» 


Study suggests people chewing gum shop longer

There are many unusual studies conducted at Canadian universities and a recent one suggests that people who chew gum tend shop longer and browse more items. Researchers at Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Management were looking at the differing» 

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Surveillance chill on writers and journalists in Canada

A new survey of some 129 writers and journalists in Canada showed many were concerned about government, police, and corporate surveillance of their work and habits. Many said that changed what they wrote and how they did research, in other» 

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One-third of big city trips could be bicycled: study

Fourteen million trips are made every day in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton agglomeration and one-third of those could be made by bicycle, suggests a new report. It found one of the keys to boosting cycling potential would be to» 

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Warming oceans: health implications for humans, animals

Humans, and indeed all invertebrates, absolutely need Omega 3 fatty acids, such as EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid).  These are needed for brain, vision, reproduction and cardio development and more. But, we don’t produce these in our bodies;» 

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Unique genetically modified crop, and many questions discovered

Genetically engineered (or genetically modified) crops are touted not only as being safe, but also beneficial. Two widely grown commercial crops have been recently genetically developed to create long-chain omega fatty acids in them. This is unique in that previous» 

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Mathematical model to help in disease outbreaks

Mathematics and health care; not necessarily two things one would image to go hand in hand with each other, especially in times of medical crisis such as the ebola outbreak. But, that’s exactly what a researcher in Toronto has done.»