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Safe crackers wanted

The Civic Museum in Regina Saskatchewan has a very cool, large, and heavy antique safe.  They have no idea what treasures (or not) may be waiting inside because they don’t know how to open it. Made by the Winnipeg Safe »

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Study: No alcohol level is “safe”

Global study on alcohol consumption Bad news for beer lovers, wine lovers, and those who like a wee dram of whisky and other spirits, even moderation is apparently not ok. The study was published today in the British medical journal »

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HPV vaccine is again scientifically proven to be safe: study

Canadian research shows getting inoculated against the human papillomavirus does not increase the chance of getting an autoimmune disorder such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis or Bell’s palsy. Some people continue to question the safety of vaccinations in general, in »

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Think your job, your career, is secure? Think again!

“There will be huge carnage and it is going to happen quickly”. Frank Graves We’ve seen it in forestry; one machine can replace a hundred lumberjacks. We’ve seen it in construction where one worker with a nail gun can replace »

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Advice on sex health sent on Valentine’s Day

A health authority in western Canada is taking the opportunity presented by Valentine’s Day today to give the public information about sexually-transmitted diseases (STIs) and other sexual health subjects. Fraser Health serves a region south and east of Vancouver but »