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Use opioids wisely after wisdom tooth removal, urge officials

Dentists and patients are being warned about the potential harms of opioid use to manage pain after the routine extraction of wisdom teeth. “The existing evidence suggest(s) dentists are responsible for a significant proportion of first-time exposure to opioids,” said »


Many people drive too soon after cannabis use, says non-profit

About 1.2 million drivers in the big province of Ontario have driven high after consuming cannabis, according to a regional branch of the Canadian Automobile Association. The CAA is a non-profit, consumer- based federation of automobile clubs. The club based »

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Quebec rules for safety over turbans, religious beliefs

After years of litigation that began in 2006, the highest court in the province of Quebec has ruled workplace safety comes before religious beliefs. The ruling concerns Sikh truckdrivers who had challenged a requirement to wear safety helmets when leaving »


Electronic logging devices to combat deadly trucker fatigue

The Canadian government seeks to improve safety by requiring commercial truck and bus operators to use electronic logging devices (ELDs) to record their hours on the road. Some companies already use the devices, but those who use paper log books »

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Lithium Ion batteries: safety issues

This relatively new generation of batteries are used in so many devices today that it is hard to imagine not having their convenience. From portable power tools, to flashlights, mobile phones, computers, toys, and so much more. In December last »


Study renews warnings about infant suffocation

A new study has found that accidental suffocation is a leading cause of injury deaths among children under one year of age in the United States, and 82 per cent of cases were attributed to accidental suffocation and strangulation in »

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New radar to detect boats on dangerous Niagara River

High turbulence and strong currents near the International Control Dam at Niagara Falls can be dangerous. So, a new radar is being used to detect boaters and even small craft like canoes and paddle boards which stray away from safety »


Toronto airport runway setup risks crashes

The unusual configuration of some of the runways at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport poses a risk of collision, according to the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB). The board says there were 27 occasions between June 2012 and November 2017 »


Pilot hours capped to limit fatigue

Canada is introducing tougher limits on the number of hours commercial airline pilots can fly citing the goal of making air travel safer. Pilots have been asking for shorter flying times and the issue was vividly brought to the public’s »


Employers can no longer require high heels in Alberta

The western province of Alberta has become the latest jurisdiction to prohibit employers from obliging workers to wear footwear that may pose a health and safety risk. In 2017, the provinces of Ontario and British Columbia passed laws banning mandatory »