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Canada history: July 8, 1760 – ending French control in North America

Battle of the Restigouche: naval battle helped determine the future of North America After years of contention between France and Britain in North America and the final capture of Quebec City,  French influence was waning and in desperate straights. A» 

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The story of piracy and of one of the greatest pirates in history

Black Bart and the “golden age” of piracy under sail The movies would have you believe pirates were chivalrous and handsome, like Errol Flynn, or likeable rogues like “Captain Jack Sparrow”, or Robert Newton as the colourful “Long John Silver”» 

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“Shiver me timbers”: Canadian professor on pirates of old

A Canadian history professor who’s been studying the lives of pirates of old, says they really didn’t say “aahhaar”, “shiver me timbers”, nor probably a lot of other phrases we hear in popular culture today. Andrew Parnaby (PhD) teaches history» 


History: Barry Ogden and the fastest sailing ship

It was the ship hailed by all sailors in the golden age of sail. She was the Marco Polo, and for years was the fastest ship in the world. She was a big ship indeed, just over 56 metres long,»