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19 Fish farms to be phased out to help wild salmon

The Canada government will phase out 19 fish farms in the Discovery Islands off Canada’s west coast in a bid to stem the steep decline of wild salmon fish stocks that has been going on for decades. Wild salmon travel »

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Watch out for the bears while viewing salmon, warns city

The western city of Coquitlam encourages people to go out and watch the salmon run but it  warns people to stay away from the bears. Coquitlam, a suburb of Vancouver, is nestled in wilderness and bears don’t respect city limits. »

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Fish farming controversy over massive salmon die-off

The fact is that a huge number of farmed Atlantic salmon died last month in pens in Newfoundland. After that it gets murky as the company Northern Harvest Sea Farms, owned by Norwegian aquaculture giant Mowi, say the problem and »

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Crisis in west coast salmon fishery

Commercial fishermen on Canada’s west coast say it’s the worst season they’ve ever experienced. According to Joy Thorkelson, president of the United Fishermen and Allied Workers Union, at least 2,500 people are affected by the record low numbers of salmon. »

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Salmon will be flown by helicopter after landslide blocked river

Since late June, tens of thousands of migratory salmon have been trapped behind a rock slide on the Fraser River in remote British Columbia. To help them continue their journey, Canadian authorities announced that they would fly them over the »

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Heavy rain, flooding may further hamper salmon returns

 After heavy rains, a flood warning has been issued for the Chilcotin River in the western province of British Columbia. About 90 mm of rain fell in four days leaving riverbanks unstable and a thunderstorm was predicted to drop more »

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Government promises action against sea lice

The Canadian government has issued a news release saying it will take action to improve fish farms’ compliance with regulation to limit sea lice infestations. Conservation groups are concerned about high levels of the parasite for the second spring in »

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Genetically modified fish: to label or not to label

Labelling of genetically modified foods has been a contentious issue for years.  Europe now requires such labelling, and the U.S recently also requires labelling of certain types of engineered food products. The Canadian government has recently given approval for the »


Update on 3 iconic species at risk

A new report from the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC), says that three species identified with Canada are now at increased risk. In less that 20 years, the group says an invasive beetle has killed »

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Atlantic salmon numbers drop for second year

The number of wild Atlantic salmon returning to North American rivers dropped 15 per cent in 2017 compared to the year before, reports the Atlantic Salmon Federation. Its latest report says only half of the 84 rivers it monitored met »