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Santa OK’d for travel this holiday season

Young children across Canada will be happy to hear that Santa Claus will be able to come on Christmas Eve. With COVID-19 travel restrictions in place, one might presume that Santa would not be allowed to travel, or at least »


Could it be Santa’s reindeer, asks trucker

A truck driver in the eastern province of Newfoundland and Labrador encountered a herd of about a dozen caribou on the highway, posted a video of them along with the comment, “I think Santa’s reindeer’s are lost on the west »


Distracted driving video features Trudeau and Santa

Cheesy or attention-grabbing? Canadians will have something to debate over holiday gatherings with family now that the government has released a YouTube video about distracted driving. The video starts with a shot of Santa putting his cell phone into airplane »

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Santa changes the way he will answer letters

Things are getting busy at the North Pole with Santa Claus and the elves getting ready to answer the flood of letters that should start arriving soon. As usual, anyone who wants to write to Santa will get an answer »

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History: Dec 02, 1904- longest running children’s parade begins in Toronto

Well, given that literally tens of thousands of adults turn up each year, and not all have children,  and millions more watch on TV, perhaps simply, longest running Santa parade? The Toronto Santa Claus parade began in, December , 1904, and »

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The Canadian voices behind a Christmas classic.

It’s an annual Christmas event and has been every year since that first broadcast in 1964, fifty years ago. Very few Canadians, and even fewer Americans who have watched the animated Chrismas special for five decades, realize that the voices »


What? Christmas already?

Well, there have been signs! The first warning shot of winter in southern Canada arrived with a blast on Sunday in New Brunswick with thousands left without power and various school and business closings, and clogged highways. © CBC Many northern »