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Saskatchewan premier apologizes to Sixties Scoop survivors

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe has offered an apology for the province’s role in a practice that took away Indigenous children from their families and placed them in care of non-Indigenous families in the 1960s through 1980s, leaving them “caught between »


‘Crisis’ power failure blamed on weather

The electrical utility in the western province of Saskatchewan says there is a crisis event of major power failures in several areas due to heavy frost and wind. Most of Canada experiences extreme cold and snow in winter and utilities »


Province tackles drunk driving with ‘positive’ tickets

In a new initiative to reduce impaired driving, the province of Saskatchewan will have police give positive tickets to sober drivers or those who have been designated by friends to stay sober in order to drive others home.  If such »

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Profiting from tragedy: poor judgement, misunderstandings and outright scams

The Humboldt Broncos tragedy: Hockey league latest to come under criticism A small town hockey team from Humboldt Saskatchewan were travelling by bus to a match when a collision with a truck virtually wiped out the team.   The April 6 »

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First Nation fined $100K over environmental infraction and a single word

Fine goes from $10K, to $100K The issue goes back to 2011, when the Big River First Nations was given a warning about environmental violations at a gasoline station on the reserve. The situation involved contraventions of the Storage Tank »


Bus crash victim honoured in snowmobile gathering

Adam Herold would have turned 17 years old yesterday had he survived the horrific crash between a truck and his hockey team bus on April 6, 2018 in the western province of Saskatchewan. It may seem like an odd way »

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Saskatchewan town mourns 15 victims of junior hockey team bus crash

Thousands of people gathered in the small Saskatchewan town of Humboldt on Sunday to mourn 15 people who died when a bus carrying members of the local junior hockey team collided with a truck late last week. Another fourteen people »

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Fallout from Stanley murder trial continues

(respectful public commenting is open at very bottom of page) The trial involved a second-degree murder charge against a farmer who shot and killed an intruder on his farm. Most people feel the case would not have attracted widespread attention »

Environment & Animal Life

Bison collared and tracked on western prairie ranch

Bison are huge, shaggy and fierce-looking animals and I was amazed to learn that conservationists in western Canada were catching them and fitting them with collars. Nine females were recently collared with a GPS device so they can be tracked »

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Domestic violence- Saskatchewan ponders British policy

In 2009, Clare Wood of Manchester, England was killed by an ex-boyfriend who had a violent past. Wood’s father had then lobbied to the authority to reveal information about a partner’s criminal record to potential victims. Since 2014, the United »