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Canadian regulator greenlights Elon Musk’s satellite internet plan

Canada’s telecommunications regulator has approved an application by a company owned by U.S. tech billionaire Elon Musk to provide satellite internet service to Canadians living in rural and remote areas. Space Exploration Technologies Corp (SpaceX) owned by Musk plans to »

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Canada Space Agency to study solar winds in new international project

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) will work for the first time with the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) on a new space science project: the Solar wind-Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Link Explorer (SMILE) mission. Both countries will work with the European Space Agency »

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Future not bright for cable/satellite TV, landline telephones

The traditional home telephone wired in to a network, and cable television, once almost standard fare in all homes, are facing a bleak future. A new survey of Canadians by the Angus Reid Institute  shows about a third of respondents have »

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Potentially toxic space junk and Inuit concerns, again

The  European Space Agency launched a satellite yesterday from northern Russia. The satellite (Sentinel 3-B) will monitor oceans, ice, and land. That launch has raised concerns yet again for the Inuit people of northern Canada, not from the satellite, but »

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Hundreds respond to iceberg ID contest

People from all over the world have joined a competition to find a better way to identify icebergs floating south from the Arctic. Satellite images and radar show blobs on the ocean but they must be analysed to determine whether »

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Update:Canada chosen for new spaceport

It’s official Canada has been chosen for development of a new spaceport. An official press release today states, “Maritime Launch Services (MLS) Ltd., established in Halifax, is pleased to announce it has committed to a launch site location following a »

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Canada History: Jan 24, 1978 Soviet radiation across the Arctic

On September 18, 1977, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (CCCP) launched a reconnaissance satellite dubbed Cosmos-954. In Russian it was a “Controlled Active Satellite” while the Americans knew it as a “RORSAT”- radar ocean reconnaissance satellite.  Its purpose was »

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History: Sept. 29, 1962 – Canada third country in space

It began as an ambitious project in the late 1950’s. It ended up pushing Canada into the top ranks of space technology. In the early morning of September 29, 1962, a rocket blasted off from from the US Vandenberg Air »

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Climate change does ‘weird things’ to Canada’s Arctic glaciers: expert

Scientists studying how climate change affects Arctic glaciers are increasingly seeing some “weird things happening,” says a Canadian researcher. University of Calgary geography professor Brian Moorman who studies glaciers in the Canadian territory of Nunavut says in the past few »

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National Snow and Ice Data Center loses ‘eye in the sky’

Just as the Arctic experiences one of the most unusual weather patterns in history, a satellite malfunction has forced the U.S.-based National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) to suspend its daily sea ice extent updates until further notice. One »