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Anti phone-spam/scam regulation for Canada

It’s a worldwide problem that nets scammers untold wealth from unsuspecting and trusting phone users. Telephone scams, along with simple spam, have been increasing dramatically in the last couple of years, and now the Canadian government is ordering companies to» 


Remembrance: Poppy campaign scam

Sadly it’s not surprising anymore.  Scammers attempting to profit from an honourable fund raising effort. Now, the Royal Canadian Legion annual poppy campaign for Remembrance Day is the latest target of scammers. The red artificial poppies are handed out by» 

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Low scam awareness predicts dementia: study

A new study has found that decreased awareness about phone scams may be an early indicator of impending Alzheimer dementia and its precursor, mild cognitive impairment. Researchers at the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center in Chicago tested 151 people for their» 

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March is Fraud Prevention Month

Many millions of dollars annually scammed from Canadians Scams and frauds are seemingly more prevalent than ever. This is probably due in no small part to the ease and speed of communication domestically and internationally through our phone and internet» 

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Romance scams increasingly bilking seniors

Canadians have been victims of many kinds of illegal schemes to steal their money and the latest targets recently widowed seniors who use online matchmaking sites. CBC reports the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre found victims of romance scams lost almost $25» 

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Caution warning to good samaritans wanting to help

Scams possible. Whenever there’s been a tragedy, such as an accident, or natural disaster, or even some kind of societal upheaval, people are eager to help. Sadly, some people seek to profit. One of the ways to help is through» 


Mystery clipboards seek personal information:

Campus security warnings We live in an age when trying to keep personal information private is very difficult. At the same time there are so many scams, and hacking, and incidents of identity theft. A new and mysterious occurrence is» 

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Profiting from tragedy: poor judgement, misunderstandings and outright scams

The Humboldt Broncos tragedy: Hockey league latest to come under criticism A small town hockey team from Humboldt Saskatchewan were travelling by bus to a match when a collision with a truck virtually wiped out the team.   The April 6» 

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New scam targets foreign students in Canada

Police in the west coast province of British Columbia are once again warning the large Chinese community there about a new scam. The extortion scam appears to be targeting female Chinese students in Canada. It’s related to a virtual kidnapping» 


Police warn of new computer scam

Two older adults in the east end of Toronto have lost more than $32,000 in a scam offering software protection for their computers. Durham regional police say the scammer contacted the victims and offered them several anti-virus options to purchase.»