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Canadian schools: Report on violence against teachers

“(The teachers) are in the line of fire daily and this does not bode well if we continue the same path we’re on” M Ramsankar Schools aren’t what they used to be even as little as ten years ago. That’s» 


School’s out, keep the kids busy, advises author

Schools close in June for summer vacation in Canada and younger children often go to day camps that may involve sports, music, computer skills, drama or other activities. Most parents get only two or three weeks of vacation which they» 

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NGOs sound alarm over increase in ‘deliberate and indiscriminate attacks on schools’

A global coalition of non-governmental organizations and human rights groups working to protect the rights of children and promote education is sounding the alarm over a dramatic increase in “deliberate and indiscriminate attacks on schools and universities, their students, and» 

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ADHD support in schools is lacking: survey

In a Canadian survey, 45 per cent of parents of children with ADHD said their children were not getting support for their disability in their schools. The main characteristics of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. These» 


Group urges a return to school equity

Officially, public education is free in Canada but, in recent decades, parents have raised money for enhancements and there is concern that means some schools are able to offer more to students than others. Equity ‘since the very beginning’ “Canada…was» 

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Toronto school bans phones in class, other schools say bring them.

The Earl Grey Public School in Toronto has banned mobile phones from the classroom and the school hallways. The ban goes into effect today. The 12 and 13 year-old students  at the junior high school (grades 7-8) were told their» 

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Slander lawsuit pits Islamic school against feminist

A court case began this week over events that stretch back to 2012. An award-winning author and avowed secularist Djemila Benhabib is being sued by a private Islamic school in Montreal over remarks  she made during a radio interview in» 


Activists demand free school for undocumented children

Many children are heading back to school today in the province of Quebec, but those who are undocumented might not be, reports CBC. Children of illegal immigrants or parents who have filed but not yet received refugee status are being» 

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Some Canadian children go hungry in summer

During the academic year many Canadian schools offer free or reduced-price breakfasts and sometimes lunches, but those cease in the summer leaving some children hungry. Food Banks Canada estimates some 900,000 Canadians go to food banks to get free supplies» 

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Study shows fewer kids walking, cycling to school

More children are being driven to school and fewer are walking or cycling, according to a study of children 11 to 13 years of age in Toronto and the nearby city of Hamilton. In 1986, about 12 per cent of»