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Free website tracks ocean heatwaves

A new website has been created that offers to track above-average temperatures in the world’s oceans. Its creators say these marine heatwaves are having several effects including species migrations and invasions, disruptions or closures of fisheries and stress and death »

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Climate change played major role in extreme wildfire: study

Canadian scientists have found that human-induced climate change played a major role in the extreme wildfire in the western province of British Columbia (B.C.) in 2017. “As the climate continues to warm, we can expect that costly extreme wildfires seasons »

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Scientists formally unmuzzled by new government policy

The current Canadian government has announced a new policy to ensure that “scientific evidence is gathered without political or commercial interference.” This is a further measure to roll back the previous, Conservative government’s muzzling of scientists. Scientists had been severely »

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Early photos revealed with X-ray technology

Scientists at Western University in Ontario have developed a technique to “see through” tarnish and reveal the original images on daguerreotypes, the first kind of photograph that was invented in 1839. In those days, people had to pose without moving »

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Scientists and NGOs call for ban on class of pesticide

International and domestic call to ban neonicotinoids This week more than 200 scientists from several countries around the world have written an open letter calling for international action to end the use of neonicotinoid pesticides, known commonly as “neonics”. The »

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Thousands of scientists from 184 countries warn humanity-again

(comments open on all RCI stories- to add your comment go to the form at bottom of page) This week, more than 15.000 scientists from around the world signed an open letter noting the lack of action on environmental issues. »

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Nuclear scientists want to safely speak out

Scientists who work for Canada’s nuclear regulatory body want their union to negotiate guarantees they will not be sanctioned if they speak out about safety issues, reports the Globe and Mail. Canada’s previous government famously forbade its scientists from speaking »

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Government boosts marine and freshwater science

Canada’s new Liberal government has announced it will hire 135 people with a view to “restoring ocean science.” The previous Conservative government dismissed more than 2,000 scientists over five years beginning in 2009 and cut the funding for hundreds of »

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Researchers seek to make science an election issue

Scientists fed up with cuts to their funding and being muzzled by the Conservative government are mobilizing to highlight the issues during the current federal election campaign. This is Science Literacy Week in Canada and they deem it to be »

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Scientific community concern over genetic manipulation

Scientists are always trying to push the boundaries of knowledge, but now some are calling for a pause in a specific area of research. The ability to now “edit” the human genome,  or “genetic engineering” has the potential for great »