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Canadian navy in huge international exercise in Scotland

Canadian warships are now in northern waters near Scotland as they join a huge international naval exercise called “Joint Warrior”.  It is one of the largest military exercises in Europe by allied nations involving not only naval, but air and »


Team GB Diver James Heatly during a training session at his home in Scotlandd

Team GB Diver James Heatly during a training session at his home in Balerno with his dad Robert and Mum Deborah, following the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), Balerno, Scotland, Britain, May 7, 2020. REUTERS/Lee Smith  »

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Scottish museums to return Indigenous remains to Canada

National Museums Scotland has reached an agreement with the government of Canada to return the remains of two Beothuk people to Canada. Demasduit and her husband Nonosabasut were members of small, now-extinct tribe on the easternmost island of Newfoundland. When »

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Scots Canadians rejoice, Haggis is back!

After 46 years, Scottish haggis is back in Canada Scots have had enormous influence in Canada’s development. Indeed our first Prime Minister, and the man credited with creating Canada was a Scot.  In fact, Sir John A Macdonald’s first language »

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Judge slams Canada’s system for detention of asylum seekers

A judge has set free a refugee claimant and called the system for detaining some asylum seekers arbitrary and Kafkaesque. This refers to a book written by Franz Kafka which describes a senseless and menacingly complex justice system. A judge »


Trudeau meets the Queen in Edinburgh on his way to G20 summit

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau concluded his visit to Ireland and Scotland with a “warm and engaged conversation” with Queen Elizabeth during a private meeting in Edinburgh Wednesday. Trudeau is headed to Hamburg, Germany, for the G20 leaders’ summit, which begins on Friday. »

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Canadian research puts an end to smear campaign against medieval Scots king

He was a legendary figure in medieval times involved in epic battles between the Scots and English, eventually defeating a larger English army at Bannockburn in 1314. But for centuries historians have alleged the Scottish king was afflicted with the »

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Canada history: Jan 11 1815- the “Father of Confederation” is born

It is officially “Sir John A. Macdonald Day” in Canada. The day was declared by an act of Canada’s Parliament in 2002 to commemorate the birth of the man who is considered to be the father of the Canadian Confederation, »

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Celebrating a Scot and being Canadian with kilts in the cold!

The Sir John A. kilt skate It takes a Canadian (with some Scots DNA usually) to don a kilt and brave the rigours of a Canadian winter, and do it on ice skates! But, on the occasion of the anniversary »

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O rare bottle, one only for all of Canada

Tonight’s the night (whisky lottery draw) Canadian aficionados of the “water of life”, at least well-to-do ones, are very interested in a very special bottle of whisky. On May 28th in 1963, the famous Scottish distillery Balvenie placed a special batch of »