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You are what you tweet

It appears Canadians are more polite than Americans Two PhD candidates at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, studied “geo-linguistic” differences, between two countries where English is the primary language, and were among the first to conduct such research. Daniel Schmidtke »

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Canadian bagpiper stirs the hearts in Scotland: takes top prize

When you talk about drones in Nova Scotia, you’re not talking about things that fly, and chanters aren’t people reciting. In both cases such words immediately evoke parts of the bagpipes and there can be nothing more stirring that the »

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April 6, National Tartan Day-Canadian idea catches on

The idea of a day to celebrate and promote interest in young Nova Scotians about their deep Scottish roots came from a meeting of the Federation for Scottish Clans in the maritime province in 1986. It then became an officially recognized »

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Scotland-England, like Quebec-Canada?

The vote in Scotland on whether to secede from the United Kingdom and become a separate, independent country, is coming down to the wire. It is particularly interesting in Canada where similar referendum votes were held in the mostly French-speaking »