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Half of Canadian parents concerned over their kids’ screen time

Nearly half of Canadian parents are concerned that their child is spending too much time in front of a screen, according to a new survey by the Angus Reid Institute. Almost nine-in-ten Canadian parents say their children – some as »

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UN issues new guidelines for very young children’s health

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends children under five spend less time sitting watching screens or restrained in prams and seats, that they get better quality sleep and have more time for active play. These are included in new guidelines »

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Screen time more than doubled for the very young: study

A new study suggests that by 2014, children under two were spending more than double the screen time they did in 1997. This comes at a time the Canadian Paediatric Society recommends no screen time for this age group. “That’s »

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Screen time not proven harmful to children, complicating advice

British pediatricians have found there is not enough evidence to prove that the time children spend on televisions, computers and other screens is harmful to their health. There are negative associations between screen time and poor mental health, sleep and »

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Kids and screen time: new limits recommended

Electronic screens are becoming omnipresent in today’s society. Decades ago there was worry that children were spending too much time in front of the TV, really the only screen at the time. That of course is still a worry, but »

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Electronics-screen time: harmful to eyesight? Or not?

Electronic devices now dominate our lives. At work we might spend several hours staring at the screen, at other times we’re staring at mobile phone screens, and laptops and tablet screens. And then of course there are television screens as »