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Canadians help discover prehistoric mining complex in Mexico

Discovery of unknown aspect of ancient indigenous group Between 12,000 and 10,000 years ago, inhabitants of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula would have shared space with such things as sabre-toothed tigers and giant sloths. They would also have been using a system »


Canadian is one of the world’s greatest explorers

She is being hailed as “diver of the year” at a major diving show and film festival in New York, just another of the many awards and accolades Jill Heinerth has received. A renowned undersea diver, she has explored oceans »

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VOBBH- tastes not bad

Ok so what is VOBBH- well, it’s “very old beer from the bottom of the harbour”. Last November, scuba-diving enthusiast Jon Crouse was exploring the sea floor in the Northwest Arm of Halifax. Swishing his hands around in the silt »

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Canadian marine explorer wins Geographical medal

The Royal Canadian Geographical Society (RCGS) has awarded its first Ondaatje Medal* for outstanding exploration to world renowned Canadian diving and cave explorer Jill Heinerth . Jill Heinerth exploring an artificial reef growing on what remains of a submerged oil »