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New collectible “coins” from Canada

The Royal Canadian Mint continues to create Canada’s money for general use, but also has become a world leader in new coin technology, and in collectible and investment coinage. After new tech in holographic coins, and coloured coins, their latest» 


How much does Inuit art contribute to the Canadian economy?

 When it comes to economic development in the Canadian Arctic, resource development dominates the headlines. But a recent report lays out in detail, just how much the Inuit arts economy contributes to the North, and to Canada as a whole. In 2015 alone, the Inuit art economy contributed $87.2» 

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Inuit Art Foundation takes over art certification from Canadian government

A trademark that certifies Inuit art, and has been issued by the Canadian government for almost sixty years, is now in Inuit hands. The Inuit Art Foundation (IAF), which promotes Inuit artists and publishes the magazine Inuit Art Quarterly, will now» 

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Concern for homeless in the cold: Homeless Jesus

There was a spell of bitter Arctic cold this week in southern parts of Canada. As the front passed through the southern Ontario city of Hamilton, emergency services had asked residents to keep an eye out for homeless people who» 

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Tall ‘iceberg’ sculpture captures ‘awe’ of Arctic

An arctic-themed sculpture inspired by icebergs is being mounted at the Canadian Museum of Nature in the nation’s capital, Ottawa. The 13-metre tall structure will be the focal point of an outdoor botanical exhibit representing the tundra, or treeless ecosystem»