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16 year effort: Canada gets first new Search and Rescue aircraft

After a long and arduous decision on a replacement Search and Rescue fixed wing aircraft, the first new CC-295 arrived this week in Comox, British Columbia. The new plane from Airbus was finally chosen after a long process begun in »


Empower coast guard to save lives: senators

Canada’s search and rescue workers save an average of 15 lives daily and must be empowered, according to the Senate Committee on Fisheries and Oceans. A report from the committee recommends the coast guard be made a separate statutory agency »

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Climate change research halted for rescue

Climate change research took a back seat to rescue work caused by climate change this past weekend. The Canadian Coast Guard Ship Amundsen, an icebreaker, had recently embarked on a 133-day expedition across the Arctic. Dangerous ice in the water »

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SAR Planes: More problems for Canada’s procurement process

When you want a new car/oven/fridge/shoes or whatever, you go shopping and buy want you think best suits your need and within your budget.   Military procurement just isn’t that simple, far, indeed very very far from it. When billions »

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Canada selects Airbus C-295W for its search and rescue planes

The federal government has chosen the Airbus C-295W to replace the Canadian military’s aging search-and-rescue aircraft. The announcement was made today by Public Procurement Minister Judy Foote and Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan in Trenton. Ottawa’s decision to award the $2.4 »

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Inuit hunter walked 3 hours barefoot after breaking through ice

Search and rescue officials in Canada’s Arctic territory of Nunavut say it’s nothing short of a “miracle” that two Inuit hunters managed not only to survive a plunge into the icy waters of Frobisher Bay but also endured for 20 hours on »

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Nunavut politician and two companions rescued after weeklong search

Search crews in Canada’s Arctic territory of Nunavut rescued three travellers, including a member of the territorial legislature, after a weeklong search Thursday evening. Member of the Nunavut Legislature Pauloosie Keyootak, his son Atamie Qiyuqtaq, and Peter Kakkik arrived at Qikiqtani General Hospital in »

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New money, rules, for Canada’s search and rescue system

Only days after Canada’s Auditor General Michael Ferguson reported Canada’s search and rescue system (SAR) was facing sustainability issues including use of old equipment, Defence Minister Peter MacKay announced Thursday (May 2) the system would get more money and rules. »