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Sears pensioners go to court to recover money

For years, employees of the retail company Sears Canada warned that their pension plan was underfunded at the same time as the company was paying huge dividends to shareholders. Now that the company has gone bankrupt, the pensioners are going »

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Competition watchdog investigates Sears over alleged price hikes on liquidation sale

Canada’s federal competition watchdog is investigating allegations that bankrupt retail giant Sears Canada jacked up prices on some merchandise ahead of its liquidation sales that began last month, according to the court-appointed monitor overseeing the retailer. The monitor, FTI Consulting Canada Inc., »


Anger at Sears prompts legal action, social media furor

Fury at the terms of the bankruptcy of the big retailer Sears Canada have spawned a social media furor and a legal motion. People took to the internet to call for a boycott after they learned the retailer was going »

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Employer/employee contracts, when guarantees for workers are not guaranteed after all.

Giant retailer Sears Canada has filed for bankruptcy protection. In its efforts to restructure,  the firm will close dozens of its stores, and cut its staff by almost 3,000 people. Sears Canada had employed about 17.000 people, some 10, 500 of »