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Remembrance Day ceremonies likely to see another increase this year

More and more Canadians are attending Remembrance Day ceremonies every year and it appears this coming Monday, Nov. 11, will be no different. A new survey suggests that more than 41 per cent of Canadians plan to attend ceremonies honouring »

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Hero’s medals for sale: Maj D V Currie’s Victoria Cross

It is the stuff of blockbusters, and should be an heroic and dramatic action-packed feature film, of an that surely shortened the war. But, in typical Canadian fashion almost no-one knows about it. During WWII, a small Canadian force of »

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History June 6 1944 : D-day, the invasion of Nazi-occupied Europe

Everyone knew it had to come, and everyone knew it would involve a high cost in dead and wounded. In the Second World War, the Allies knew they had to attack the German held continent in order to stop Hitler »

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Battle of the Atlantic Sunday

This Sunday, members of the Royal Canadian Navy, and descendants of former Navy sailors and of former merchant mariners, will pause to remember. Royal Canadian Navy Command staff speak with veterans shortly before the Battle of the Atlantic ceremony on »

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Canada history; Feb 21 1941: tragedy strikes a medical legend

The name of Dr Frederick Banting of Toronto is legendary in medical circles and to untold numbers of people owe their lives to his discovery of insulin. He announced the discovery in February 1922, and the world proclaimed it as »

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Last Ontario vestige of wartime internment facing demolition

It’s not much to look at, but a former small hotel/bar is the last remnant in Ontario of a troubled chapter in Canadian history. Known as the Eatonville roadhouse, it sits in the middle of a rural area of southwestern »

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Flying a legend: Lancaster bomber

The Avro Lancaster is one of the most iconic aircraft of the Second World War.  Of the over 7,000 built, about half survived the war, yet there are only a handful still in existence. In light of the news that »

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Unknown soldiers: finally finding names, closure

It is at one and the same time a sad, but also rewarding task: discovering the identities of the unknown fallen soldiers on the battlefields around the world. In Canada that work is performed by a special department which works »

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Honouring an Aboriginal Hero of WWII

Canada’s history is strangely not a subject that is really known in any depth by a large segment of the population. This is partly due to a lack of history teaching in education systems across Canada. Sadly, it is even »


History: April 15, 1945- British-Canadian Liberation of Bergen-Belson death camp

Located in north Germany about half way between the port city of Hamburg, and Hanover, in April 1945, the huge Bergen-Belson concentration camp was in the middle of the war zone. Following several days of negotiations between the Allies and »