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History: The Great Escape March 24/25 1944

The place was near Sagan, Germany in Lower Silesia, (now Zagan Poland) and in March 1944 it was still cold with snow on the ground. But during the night of 24-25 March, one of the most amazing and daring escapes »

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Remembrance Week: New book on the Canadian Photo and Film Unit of WW-II

It is an amazing story, of courage and daring, facing enemy guns and shells with only a camera in order to record history. After the war had already begun, Canadian officials recognized that to get Canada’s stories of the war, »


History: Sept.10,1939, it’s WAR for Canada

Everyone hoped it would not come to this, but the storm clouds had been brewing for years The Munich Agreement of September 1938, signed by England, France, Germany, and Italy, had allowed Nazi Germany to occupy the “Sudetenland” portion of »

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History- July 10, 1943 (WW-2) the invasion of Europe

The vast majority of people who think about the invasion of Europe in the Second World War, think of D-Day and the beaches of Normandy in 1944. That was the second invasion. The first actually occurred almost a year earlier. »

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History, May 11, 1942 Battle of the St Lawrence begins

Surprisingly, with all the stories, films and other media that have documented or are based on the Secone World War, this long lasting battle is very little known. Perhaps more surprisingly, the battle at Canada’s front door and indeed right »

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VE Day May 7th, 1945 (May 8, May 9)

Two days after Canada had accepted the unconditional surrender of all German forces in northwest Europe, Germany itself capitulated. This year marks the 70th anniversary, and for many Canadian veterans, now in their late 80’s to mid 90’s currently on »

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January 19, 1943: The only Royal baby ever born in North America

In recognition of helping the Dutch in the Second World War, and for give safe haven to the Royal Family, the Netherlands sends thousands of tulip bulbs to Ottawa every year, for what has become known as the tulip festival »

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September 10: it’s WAR for Canada

Everyone hoped it did not come to this But, after the obvious failure of the Munich agreement, and Germany’s invasion of Poland, Britain declared war on Germany on September 3rd. Workman John Hawkins of Toronto checks the tags of Bren »

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September 3, 1939 the horror begins; loss of SS Athenia

The black clouds of war had been gathering over Europe for months. Germany forces had invaded Poland on September 1, and Britain, supporting Poland, entered into a state of war at 11am BST on September 3. 1939 The Donaldson liner, »


Iconic moment in WWII, to be immortalized in a British Columbia sculpture

It was one of the most iconic Canadian photos of the Second World War.  It is soon to be immortalized in a permanent sculpture to be located at the original spot where the photo was taken. Warren Whitey Bernard in »