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Canada will defend its aluminum industry, says official

The federal government will “always defend Canada’s aluminum sector and its workers,” a Canadian official said Tuesday after Bloomberg reported that the Trump administration planned to reimpose tariffs. If Canada declines to impose restrictions on its exports of aluminum to »

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Canada pleased with U.S. decision on uranium imports

The federal government and Canadian uranium producers are welcoming a decision by the U.S. government to not impose restrictions on uranium imports from Canada and other countries based on national security grounds. “Canada and the United States are staunch allies »

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Canada to join Mexico, Japan, South Korea and the EU in auto tariff talks

Officials from Canada, the European Union, Japan, Mexico and South Korea will meet in Geneva on Tuesday to discuss a unified response to threats by U.S. President Donald Trump to impose tariffs on U.S. imports of a quarter-trillion dollars worth »

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U.S. fires back with WTO challenge against Canada’s retaliatory tariffs

The United States launched a formal challenge with the World Trade Organization Monday against Canada’s retaliatory tariffs on a long list of U.S. products, arguing Canadian countermeasures breached international trade law and were “designed to punish American workers, farmers and »

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Don’t let hatred of Trump lead Canada into costly trade retaliation blunder, says U.S. expert

Canadians shouldn’t let their hatred of Trump blind them into stumbling into a full-out trade war with the United States, says an American expert on international trade. Marc Busch, professor of International Business Diplomacy at the School of Foreign Service, »