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Quebec adopts controversial secularism and immigration legislation

Quebec’s provincial legislature adopted a controversial law late Sunday that bans certain public servants, including teachers, police officers, prosecutors and judges, from wearing religious symbols at work. The legislation known as Bill 21 also forbids anyone giving or receiving a» 

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Nadia’s Journey 2.0: interview with filmmaker Nadia Zouaoui

Award winning Montreal-based filmmaker Nadia Zouaoui is no stranger to controversy. She has a knack for finding subjects for her films that engender debate, force the viewer to question long-held beliefs, confront and shatter stereotypes. But she does all that» 

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UN human rights observers warn Quebec about secularism bill

The Quebec government’s proposed secularism legislation is raising concerns about fundamental freedoms in Canada’s French-speaking province, according to legal experts with the United Nations Human Rights Council. The proposed legislation, known as Bill 21, is “likely to undermine the freedom» 


Quebec to suspend constitutional rights to ban religious symbols

A furore has erupted over the government of the province of Quebec plan to override charter guarantees and forbid many public sector employees from wearing religious symbols at work. Legislation tabled today would apply to new teachers, judges, prison guards,» 


Shying away from organized religion Canadians still keep faith: study

As millions of Canadians get ready to enjoy the long Easter weekend, a new study shows that even if they skip religious services, most Canadians are much less hostile toward religion than declining church attendances might imply. In fact, only about» 

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Slander lawsuit pits Islamic school against feminist

A court case began this week over events that stretch back to 2012. An award-winning author and avowed secularist Djemila Benhabib is being sued by a private Islamic school in Montreal over remarks  she made during a radio interview in» 

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Politics Today – September 15, 2013

On this edition of Politics Today RCI’s Wojtek Gwiazda focuses on the growing debate on religion and religious objects that was set off by the ruling minority separatist Parti Quebecois government in the predominantly French-speaking province of Quebec. He also» 

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Sovereignist MP expelled from caucus for criticism of Quebec values charter

(Updated September 13 – see below) – Maria Mourani, a federal Member of Parliament with the sovereignist Bloc Québécois party, has been expelled from the party for her criticism of proposed Charter of Values in the predominantly French-speaking province of Quebec.» 

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Province of Quebec’s charter of values sets off discussion, outrage, and support

The unveiling Tuesday (September 10) of proposed legislation to eliminate “conspicuous” signs of religion worn by government employees in the predominantly French-speaking province of Quebec has already set off debate, petitions, as well as support. Bernard Drainville, the province’s Minister for»