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Canada and Japan move to expand security cooperation in Indo-Pacific

Facing a common threat of an increasingly assertive China and an unpredictable nuclear-armed North Korea, Canada and Japan are moving to deepen their security and defence cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region. Ottawa and Tokyo outlined six areas of bilateral cooperation »

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Canada rejects Chinese bid for Arctic gold mine over national security concerns

The sale of a gold mine in Canada’s Arctic to a Chinese firm has been blocked by the federal government. The $230 million deal was to sell all TMAC Resources shares and its Hope Bay gold mining project to Shandong »

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Decision on Chinese purchase of Arctic mine delayed; former General against it

A struggling gold mine in Canada’s high Arctic is at the centre of  debate on whether China should be allowed to buy it. The Chinese state-owned giant, Shandong Gold Mining had submitted a purchase offer  in May for the TMAC »

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COVID causing major financial stress for Canadians: surveys

Many financial analysts in Canada, and indeed worldwide, have indicated that an economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, will take a long time, certainly many more months, and possibly a matter of years. A national poll released just ahead of »

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U.S. wants to keep the Arctic an area of low tensions, top official

The United States wants to keep the Arctic an area of low tensions, Washington’s newly appointed Arctic coordinator said Wednesday even as he warned of growing big power rivalry in the region due to climate change and conflicting geopolitical interests. »

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Canadian government launches national COVID tracking app

A free mobile app designed to help tell its users if they may have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, was launched in Ontario by the Canadian government on Friday.  The COVID Alert app is available »

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Appointment of U.S. Arctic coordinator signals more muscular American policy

The appointment of James DeHart as the U.S. coordinator for the Arctic signals the region’s growing importance to Washington as an arena of geopolitical competition with Russia and China, say Canadian and American defence experts. DeHart, a career diplomat with extensive experience in global defence and security issues, is »

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Russia accuses Canada and the U.S. of violating Open Skies treaty

Russia is claiming Canada and the United States have violated a key international accord designed to build trust and prevent wars between former Cold War adversaries — and accuses Washington’s allies of kowtowing to the Trump administration on U.S. policies that go against »

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Canadian Ranger faces 22 charges after armed standoff at Rideau Hall

A member of the Canadian military, who on Thursday rammed his vehicle into the gate of the park grounds in Ottawa that house the official residence of Governor General and the temporary home of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his »

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Canadian Ranger arrested after gaining access to Rideau Hall grounds: CBC

Police in Ottawa have arrested an armed man after he rammed his pick-up truck into the gate of a park in the national capital that houses the Governor General’s official residence and the temporary residence of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau »