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Senate motion calls on Canada to recognize independence of Nagorno-Karabakh

Conservative Sen. Leo Housakos is calling on Canada to recognize the independence of Nagorno-Karabakh and “immediately condemn the joint Azerbaijani-Turkish aggression” against the breakaway Armenian-populated region in the South Caucasus. In a motion presented in the Senate on Tuesday, Housakos called upon »

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Canada must develop cultural diplomacy strategy, says Senate committee

Canada’s world-class arts and culture are top foreign policy assets and the federal government must develop a comprehensive strategy to make cultural diplomacy a pillar of Canada’s foreign policy, says a Senate committee report. Canadian artists are known around the »


Canada’s senators to move into train station

The building which houses Canada’s Parliament is closing for ten years of renovation. The House of Commons will move to a temporary chamber built nearby and the Senate moves into a newly-renovated, historic train station. Green and accessible Ottawa’s Union »


Empower coast guard to save lives: senators

Canada’s search and rescue workers save an average of 15 lives daily and must be empowered, according to the Senate Committee on Fisheries and Oceans. A report from the committee recommends the coast guard be made a separate statutory agency »


Senate passes legislation to end Canada Post strike

Canadian postal workers will be forced to resume mail and parcel delivery services at noon Tuesday after the Senate passed legislation ordering an end to five weeks of rotating strikes by Canada Post employees. The emergency legislation received royal assent »

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Canada’s Senate: reputation, expense claims, oversight

A huge scandal over alleged expense claim abuse by certain Senators began in late 2012 and only ended in 2016 after years of bitter allegations and counter claims, lawsuits, and the police eventually dropping the charges. Nonetheless it brought the »

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Proposal to ban private “for profit” blood clinics.

A member of Canada’s Senate has tabled a bill to ban “cash for blood” clinics in Canada. Traditionally blood has been collected in Canada on a voluntary basis. Independent Senator Pamela Wallin has introduced bill S-252 which would ensure private »

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Senate approves cannabis legislation but with dozens of amendments

The Canadian Senate voted on Thursday to approve the Trudeau government’s landmark legislation legalizing recreational cannabis and sent it back to the House of Commons with nearly four dozen amendments. The upper house passed Bill C-45 by a vote of 56 to 30 with one abstention, »

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Senator Lynn Beyak kicked out of Conservative caucus

A Conservative senator who had previously argued that “some good” came out of Canada’s now-infamous Indian residential schools, was expelled from the Tory caucus after refusing to remove a “racist” comment from her Senate website, Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer said »

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Medals for “unsung heroes” (and Senators)

About half of Canada’s Senators are accepting medals for themselves which have been struck to give to Canadians who have contributed to make Canada a better place but who don’t usually make the headlines or get recognition. Earlier this year »