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Canada: Becoming a Senior Society

Updated on January 23rd 2019 | HOW OLD? Canada, like all G7 countries, is an ageing society. With a population of almost 38 million people, the the median age here is now 40. Of the G7 countries, however, we’re still »

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Keeping strong, keeping muscle: Elderly world-class athletes- is it exercise or genetics or both?

As we age we start losing abilities. We lose brain cells for example, but also motor neural cells, meaning we start to lose muscle strength. A  new study shows however that ‘elite” athletes even into the 80’s manage to retain »

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Too many seniors taking too many drugs

Too many elderly Canadians are admitted to hospital as a result of their taking too many prescription drugs, says Dr. James Silvius. He is a geriatric doctor active in the Canadian De-Prescribing Network. The network is a made up of »