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China invokes death sentence for a Canadian

A Canadian in jail in China on drug charges has now been sentenced to death. Already in jail on drug trafficking charges, 36-year-old Robert Schellenberg was retried this week and had is original 15 year sentenced increased to the death» 

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Australian judge sentences Canadian ‘cocaine babe’ to 8 years in jail

An Australian court sentenced a Canadian drug mule to eight years in prison on Wednesday for her part in an attempt to smuggle into Sydney nearly 95 kilograms of cocaine hidden in luggage aboard a luxury cruise ship. Melina Roberge,» 


A Dutch man accused in Canada is sentenced for online abuse elsewhere

Ayden Coban, accused of cyberbullying a Canadian teen who took her own life, has received a tough sentence on similar but separate charges by a court in the Netherlands. Coban was ordered to serve nearly 11 years for the online abuse» 


Cinar founder sentenced to 9 years for fraud

They once ran one of the most successful Canadian animation companies with popular children’s shows like the Emmy Award winning “Arthur” and “Caillou” becoming household names not only in Canada but internationally. But former Cinar executives Ronald Weinberg, the founder» 

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China cuts sentence for imprisoned Canadian

A Chinese court has reduced the life sentence of Canadian Huseyin Celil, reports Nathan Vanderklippe of the Globe and Mail. The sentences of Celil and 10 other ethnic Uighurs were commuted, according to the Xinhua news agency. They had been»