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The breakup of Canada- The legal wrangling encore

Canada, Quebec independence, and the constitution. It is a long and complicated story and process. In Quebec in 2000, the then governing  “separatist” Parti Quebecois passed Bill 99 which stated that it alone could decide whether it would leave Canada »

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History: Oct 30, 1995 The day “Canada” almost disappeared

Just before the frightening night of Hallowe’en on October 31, when little children dressed as goblins and ghosts and witches go door to door in Canada seeking candy, a much, much more fearful prospect had cast its shadow over Canada. »

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Scotland-England, like Quebec-Canada?

The vote in Scotland on whether to secede from the United Kingdom and become a separate, independent country, is coming down to the wire. It is particularly interesting in Canada where similar referendum votes were held in the mostly French-speaking »