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COVID-19:  Do ‘it’ with a mask: Canada’s top doctor

Could it be just a little kinky perhaps?  Canada’s top doctor concerned about spreading the COVID-19 virus has suggested that new sex partners should wear a mask during their tryst.. In a statement from the Public Health Agency of Canada »


Lawsuit against Catholic oratory in Quebec may proceed

It’s a case of alleged sexual abuse going back as much as 40 years ago and involves one of Catholicism’s iconic institutions in Canada, the St. Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal The Supreme Court of Canada in a 5-4 decision has »

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The LINK Online, May 10,11,12, 2019

Your hosts Terry, Lynn, Marie-Claude, Marc (video of show at bottom) Dire warning from U.N. on survival of species, and humans The very strong warning comes from scientists from around the world who contributed to the first comprehensive report on »

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The LINK Online Apr. 26,27,28, 2019

Your hosts, Marie-Claude, Levon, Lynn, and Marc  (video of show at bottom) United Nations asks for international support to fight Ebola The fight against the deadly Ebola disease continues, this time against a fresh outbreak in the Democratic Republic of »

A new study finds people saying their consensual polyamory relationships are benefitical. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

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Polyamory-loving more than one at the same time- with permission

It’s technically called “consensual non-monogamy”, or “ethical non-monomagmy” or “polyamory, meaning carrying on two or more relationships at the same time, and with the consent of all involved. Most would consider this a marginal lifestyle, but research shows roughly four »


‘Want to poop better?’: latest slogan to boost physical activity

The national non-profit, ParticipACTION has campaigned for years to try to get Canadians to be more physically active and the latest, attention-grabbing effort focuses on benefits such as better bowel function. Vast majority of Canadians not active enough In a »


Human trafficking survivors tell their stories

The Canadian government has launched cross-country hearings into the exploitation of people for sex work, forced labour and domestic slavery. The government agency, Statistics Canada found that between 2009 and 2014, there were 396 victims of human trafficking reported to »

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After Weinstein, sex scandals hit Quebec personalities

Quebec entertainment scene rocked by two scandals. In the wake of vast media attention of the alleged abuse by Hollywood film producer,Harvey Weinstein, comes claims of misconduct against two major media personalities in Canada. First came allegations of inappropriate conduct »

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Study challenges how to tell dinosaurs’ sex

Since the 1970s it has been common to tell male from female dinosaur remains by the size and shape of the bones, but a new study suggests that may not be a correct approach. Jordan Mallon, a paleontologist at the »

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Advice on sex health sent on Valentine’s Day

A health authority in western Canada is taking the opportunity presented by Valentine’s Day today to give the public information about sexually-transmitted diseases (STIs) and other sexual health subjects. Fraser Health serves a region south and east of Vancouver but »