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Conservation groups welcome Canada’s ban on shark fin trade, bestiality and animal fighting

Conservation and animal rights groups are applauding Canada’s Parliament for passing two “ground-breaking” animal protection bills late Tuesday night and bringing the country’s animal protection laws into a “new era.” On Tuesday evening, the Senate passed Bill C-68, which outlaws »

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Shark finning: Canada close to ban on import of shark fins

After years of campaigning against the practice of shark finning and the sale of fins, Canada is moving close to a ban. Although the actual practice has been banned in Canada since 1994, shark fins can still be imported. According »

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Seeking greater protection for animals in Canada: failed

Protecting animals, wild and domestic, from abuse would seem to be a good thing. Animal rights groups have been fighting for years to modernize Canadian law with respect to treatment of animals, laws which in some cases have had little »

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Sharks and rays: extinction of some species is possible

A new, global study on the situation faced by the ocean’s sharks and rays, says they may face extinction in the next few decades. Nick Dulvy, is a Simon Fraser University (SFU) Canada Research Chair in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation »

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Calgary delays ban on sale of shark fins

The western city of Calgary has put off a decision to immediately ban sale of shark fins.  A task force recommended the city avoid an outright ban, and instead look for ethical sources for the product Shark fins for sale »