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Great white sharks could be back in Atlantic Canadian waters

Hunted for many years, the great white shark could finally be back in Canadian waters, thanks in part to conservation efforts. These majestic animals are being closely monitored by international teams of scientists who are attempting to document their apparent »

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Canadian scientists capture unique footage of shark using drifting log as scratching post

A group of Canadian scientists studying Pacific seamounts off the coast of British Columbia have captured unique footage of a shark using a drifting log it came across in the middle of the ocean to scratch itself and try to »

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International conference on fate of tuna, and others

There has been much concern about the fate of the world’s fish stocks in recent years. The 20th Special Meeting of the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tuna begins today and continues for a week. It involves 50 »

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Greenland shark about 400 years old: study

A new study confirms the belief that Greenland sharks are the longest-living vertebrates on earth. Researchers caught 28 of the elusive animals and estimated one female was about 400 years old. Greenland sharks all over the world “They are an »

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Canadian scientists examine the most mysterious of sharks

Sharks are mysterious creatures to most of us, but one of the most mysterious not only to us, but to scientists as well, is the Greenland Shark. Recently a large specimen was caught in the Atlantic Ocean by fishermen near »