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The silent killing of marine life: Ghost gear

Second annual report rates seafood companies for ghost gear It’s known as “ghost gear” or abandoned, lost, or discarded fishing gear (ALDFG). These are nets, traps, lines, or hooks left floating in the ocean or any water body, and which »

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Marine protected areas: maybe not so protected

A study by researchers at Dalhousie University in Halifax Nova Scotia has found a surprising fact. Commercial fishing inside Europe’s marine protected areas (MPA’s) is actually heavier than outside those areas. Manuel Dureuil is lead author of the study. He »

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Sharks of Canada featured on postage stamps

Many Canadians don’t realize it, but there are more than 30 species of sharks swimming in the waters off Canada and now, the postal service has issued stamps featuring five of them. Sharks from each of Canada’s three coasts Who »

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Marine protected areas for sharks and rays: are they working?

The idea of specific areas of ocean set aside as “protected” zone, officially Marine Protected Areas (MPA) was to protect marine biodiversity in a safe area. A new study shows that’s not really working and especially so for sharks and »

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Shark,ray study shows overfishing is depleting stocks

Reported catching of sharks , rays and related species have declined by as much as 20 percent since peak shark landings in 2003. Researchers at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, wanted to examine the hypothesis that the reduction was »

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Sharks in the Arctic: surviving climate change

Sharks are one of the oldest survivors on earth, with fossilized records dating back as much as 400 million years ago. Many scientists are concerned that with climate change, many of the earth’s species will not be able to adapt »

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Sharks and rays: extinction of some species is possible

A new, global study on the situation faced by the ocean’s sharks and rays, says they may face extinction in the next few decades. Nick Dulvy, is a Simon Fraser University (SFU) Canada Research Chair in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation »

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Canadian scientists examine the most mysterious of sharks

Sharks are mysterious creatures to most of us, but one of the most mysterious not only to us, but to scientists as well, is the Greenland Shark. Recently a large specimen was caught in the Atlantic Ocean by fishermen near »

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Immediate action needed to save fish stocks

A new report says creating conditions for global fish stocks to recover is a win-win for environmentalists, and for commercial fisheries. However, the report co-authored by Dalhousie University biologist Jeff Hutchings, says that many of the world’s fish stocks have not »