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Project seeks to develop artificial intelligence to protect whales from ships

Researchers at Simon Fraser University (SFU) want to use ‘AI’ to help protect orcas from being hit by ships off the Pacific coast. Steven Bergner is a computing science research associate at the university’s Big Data Hub,  in Burnaby, British »

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Threats to whales: Slow speeds or small ships still deadly-study

The latest figures estimate there are likely fewer than 366 northern Right whales left. In the past few years they and others have been killed after being entangled in fishing gear, and by ‘ship strikes’. It has often been presumed »

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Montreal’s whale likely killed by ship, veterinarians suggest

At the end of May, a unique sight was to be had in the St Lawrence river at Montreal.  A large humpback whale was seen cavorting in the old port to the delight of many residents who came to see »

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Necropsy report on shocking right whale deaths

(public comments are open on all RCI stories-scroll to bottom of story for the form) This summer was catastrophic for the endangered North Atlantic right whale population, with some 12 animals found dead in the Gulf of St Lawrence and »

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More devastating news: another right whale found dead

There are so few North Atlantic right whales left, that every single one is critical to their survival as a species. There are estimated to be only about 500 to 550 left alive. In June, in what came as a »