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Tragic Franklin expedition: Remarkable condition of HMS Terror

Sir John Franklin set off in 1845 leading an expedition from England to find the elusive Northwest Passage to the Orient in the high Canadian Arctic. Franklin and the 133 officers and sailors aboard HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, were »

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Titanic- going, going, soon gone entirely

Latest dive shows ongoing disintegration This month a research team made several dives on the remains of the ill-fated RMS Titanic. It was the first visit to the tragic wreck in 14 years. Using highly sophisticated cameras Atlantic Productions London »

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Canada history: APRIL 15, 1912,  Titanic disappears off Newfoundland

It was unbelievable. On April 15, 1912, the word was being flashed around the world by telegraph that the world’s biggest, most impressive and theoretically unsinkable ship, was gone. Late on the 14th, the RMS Titanic on its maiden voyage »

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Sunken Czarist treasure ship found

Canadian technology finds the century old wreck A 19th century Imperial Russian warship claimed to be carrying billions of dollars in gold has been found off the coast of Korea. It was 1905 and a tremendous naval battle known as »

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Franklin expedition shipwrecks; who owns what

Sir John Franklin set out to find the fabled Northwest Passage to China and India. Setting out from England in 1845, it was the last he, and the crew would be seen. The lost mission sparked many search and rescue »

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Maud set to finally return home, a century later.

The 36.5 metre long Maud was a purpose-built ship designed with the technology of the early 20th century specifically to conquer the Arctic sea and ice. Maud was built near Oslo and Norwegian polar explorer Roald Amundsen intended to sail »


Found: Canadian schooner that sank 150 years ago

A team of U.S. explorers has found the wreck of the Royal Albert that sank in 1886 in Lake Ontario near Fair Haven, New York. Lake Ontario is one of five Great Lakes on the Canada-U.S. border at the heart »

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VOBBH- tastes not bad

Ok so what is VOBBH- well, it’s “very old beer from the bottom of the harbour”. Last November, scuba-diving enthusiast Jon Crouse was exploring the sea floor in the Northwest Arm of Halifax. Swishing his hands around in the silt »


Shipwrecks will be lost warns private operator

More than 10,000 shipwrecks litter Canada’s rugged Atlantic coast but the government is too poor to salvage them. Private operators would like to but cannot ever since the province of Nova Scotia passed a law three years ago making it »