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Gun control: More restrictions targeting wrong people?

(public comments are open and can be posted and read at the very bottom of page) Guns and gun control have long been a highly contentious issue in Canada. There are about two million licensed firearms owners in this country» 


Massacre of 14 women in Montreal remembered

A gunman shot students at Montreal’s Ecole Polytechnique 28 years ago killing 14 women and injuring another 14 people. The 25-year-old Marc Lepine walked into the engineering school on December 6, 1989, separated the men from the women and began» 


The sport of Cowboy Mounted Shooting:Christa Paterson

It’s fast, loud, challenging to do, and exciting to watch; it’s the relatively new sport of “cowboy mounted shooting”. You have to know how to ride a horse, and be a good shot, with good reflexes. This is something you» 

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Canadians killed, injured in Mexico shooting

The Canadian government confirms that one Canadian died in a shooting at a nightclub in Mexico early today and at least two others were injured. In all, five people were killed and 15 were injured at the Blue Parrot nightclub» 


Toronto policeman convicted of attempted murder

It has been an extremely controversial case ever since a young man was shot and killed by police around midnight on July 27, 2013. Sammy Yatim was an average 18-year-old when for no apparent reason he exposed his genitals on» 


Northern community searches for forgiveness after deadly shootings

A small indigenous community in northern Canada is coming together to seek solace and pray for forgiveness following a deadly shooting that killed four people and injured seven others on Friday. Archbishop Murray Chatlain, of the Catholic archdiocese of Keewatin-Le Pas,» 


UPDATED: 4 dead in northern Saskatchewan school shooting

Four people have died in a shooting in the northern Saskatchewan community of La Loche, RCMP say. An unspecified number of people were also injured. “There’s no risk to public safety at this time,” Chief Supt. Maureen Levy, a senior» 


Paris attacks: France blames ISIS for ‘act of war’

French President Francois Hollande speaks at the Elysee Palace in Paris, France, the day after a series of deadly attacks in the French capital, November 14, 2015. © POOL New / Reuters French President Francois Hollande has promised to “be merciless toward» 

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Day after Ottawa shootings, questions about security, democracy and new laws

The day after the shooting of a soldier in Ottawa at the National War Memorial and the shooting of the gunman in Canada’s Parliament buildings, Members of Parliament were back in the House of Commons on Thursday (October 23), after» 

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Inquiry into wildlife officers shooting of cougar

Many of Canada’s major urban centres are surrounded by wilderness.  As such occasional conflicts with wildlife occur.  All too often the result is the death of the animal. The latest involved a cougar spotted beside a hospital in the city»