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Three-in-five Canadians worry about side-effects of COVID-19 vaccine: poll

With more than two dozen COVID-19 vaccine candidates undergoing various levels of clinical trials around the world, Canadians are debating over who should get vaccinated first, whether vaccination should be mandatory, and whether the vaccine could present possible side effects. »

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Google searches may affect your reaction to a drug, suggests study

A new study suggests that people who do internet searches on the side-effects of a medication are more likely to report intolerance to the drug. Researchers say this suggests that searching the web could be the culprit for triggering these »

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Canadian troops still taking malaria drug British call risky

British members of Parliament are the latest to warn their military against the anti-malaria drug mefloquine because of rare but possibly severe and permanent psychological side effects, reports the Toronto Star’s Sheila Pratt. Thousands of Canadian troops have received the »