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Study finds traumatic brain injuries dramatically affect the homeless

Let’s face it, homeless people in Canada and elsewhere don’t have a whole lot of people in their corner. But don’t count William Panenka as one of those guys who looks the other way, like so many of us do, »

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Microplastics found in all arctic beluga whales tested

A Canadian research team tested seven belugas in the eastern Beaufort Sea that had been harvested by Inuvialuit hunters. In each of the animals the scientists found evidence of microplastics in the stomachs and intestines. The area around Tuktoyaktuk is »

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Genetic study of sockeye salmon in B.C. river suggests 75% decline since 1913

A new study that suggests sockeye returns have dropped by three-quarters in the Skeena River over the last century should serve as a “wake-up call” for B.C., the lead researcher says. The paper, published in the journal Conservation Letters, used »

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Investigating the science of falls, the ones that injure and hurt

There’s nothing quite like taking an unintended tumble. Unintentional falls can be ugly and they can be funny. And they they can be dangerous, especially when you get older and lack of concentration and a waning sense of balance raise »


Brain starts to slow down at 24, study suggests

The analysis of a group of people playing the popular strategy video game Starcraft 2 revealed that age-related brain performance starts declining at 24 years. Researchers at Simon Fraser University studied 3,305 people, mostly men, aged 16 to 44, as »

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Ranking the most distinct and most endangered, birds

 A trio of researchers in British Columbia had been instrumental in a unique international effort involving the world’s birds. They created lists ranking birds in order of their evolutionary distinctness, and to what degree they are threatened with extinction. Arne »

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How gecko feet can help space exploration

Millions of nano-scale hairs on each pad use Van der Waals force to enable it to “stick” to seemingly smooth glass © STR NEW-Reuters Canadian scientists may have come up with a solution to a concern for space exploration by taking »