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Art exhibition highlights history of slave trade in Newfoundland

An exhibition at this year’s Bonavista Biennale in St. John, Newfoundland, highlights a dark part of the province’s history – the island’s involvement in the 18th century slave trade. Few people know, but Newfoundland built several ships in the 18th» 


Human trafficking survivors tell their stories

The Canadian government has launched cross-country hearings into the exploitation of people for sex work, forced labour and domestic slavery. The government agency, Statistics Canada found that between 2009 and 2014, there were 396 victims of human trafficking reported to» 

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Emancipation Day in the British Empire.

Several former British colonies will be celebrating on August 1 It’s the day that slavery was banned throughout the British Empire back in 1834. In Canada, one of the events to mark the day will be taking place at a» 

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March 14-Anniversary of the Canadian beginning to the end of slavery in the British Empire

Although “Black History Month”  (February) has ended in Canada, March 14 nonetheless marks an important date in the emancipation of blacks. Upper Canada’s Lt-Governor at the time was John Graves Simcoe of Britain who had been an abolitionist before his»