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UN issues new guidelines for very young children’s health

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends children under five spend less time sitting watching screens or restrained in prams and seats, that they get better quality sleep and have more time for active play. These are included in new guidelines» 


Study renews warnings about infant suffocation

A new study has found that accidental suffocation is a leading cause of injury deaths among children under one year of age in the United States, and 82 per cent of cases were attributed to accidental suffocation and strangulation in» 


‘Many obstacles’ prevent teens’ getting enough sleep, says doctor

Doctors say teenagers should get between eight and 10 hours of sleep each night but several studies suggest they are getting less than that, and that can affect their psychological state, learning and attention. Teens need sleep as do babies,» 


Worry about insomnia makes it worse, say experts

Not enough sleep and poor quality sleep are prevalent among Canadian adults, according to government statistics analysed in 2017. A report concluded about one-third of adults sleep fewer hours per night than what is recommended for good physical and mental» 

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Having trouble sleeping? It seems more people are

A new study says the incidence of insomnia for Canadians is increasing. The study shows that between 2007 and 2015, reported cases of insomnia increased by 42 per cent. We spoke with Dr Judith Davidson, Dr. Judith R. Davidson, (Ph.D.,» 

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When you eat, as important as what you eat, says researcher

For optimal health, people should only eat over an eight to 10-hour period on a daily basis, says the author of a new book called The Circadian Code. The body’s internal clock is closely attuned to sunrise and sunset, and» 

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Weekend sleep may make up for deficits, but enough sleep every night is better

A study by Swedish researchers suggests that possibly, long weekend sleeps may compensate for short weekday sleeps. The study involved over 43,000 people who were followed for 13 years. Researchers found that those who slept fewer than five hours a» 

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Improve sleep: a valuable New Year’s resolution

Poor sleep can not only leave you feeling lousy, emotional and low on energy, it can also make you more vulnerable to high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and mental health problems, say sleep experts. So, improving one’s slumber could be» 

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Very young Canadians not getting enough sleep, activity

Health officials say only 12 per cent of toddlers and 13 per cent of pre-schoolers are getting the right amounts of sleep, physical activity and sedentary behaviour. They add that these very young children are spending too much time in» 


Sleep apnea likely more common than we know

Some people stop breathing for several seconds when they sleep and may do so hundreds of times during the course of a night. This may occur in people who have small airways or in people carrying extra weight where tissues»