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Pot stinks and residents starting to complain

The Liberal government last year legalised cannabis for recreational use in Canada. The new law left many scrambling including various industries, the military, transportation industries, the police and others as they worked to develop new policies regarding cannabis use. However, »


Top tourist site stinks

The old town of Lunenburg in eastern Canada is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a top tourist site but right now its harbour smells very bad. The water is contaminated by fecal bacteria that frequently exceeds federal government limits »

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Problems identifying smells may predict Alzheimer’s: study

A new study out of McGill University suggests that testing someone’s ability to identify smells could reveal the presence of Alzheimer’s disease long before symptoms appear. This is important because early detection of dementia could eventually allow for early treatment »

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Changing winds may harm polar bear’s ability to hunt

A new study shows polar bears travel crosswind when winds are light to hunt seals, but climate change means winds will grow stronger in the Arctic and that could make hunting more difficult for them. Researchers at the University of »