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Stop showing smoking in popular programs, urges non-profit

A new report says there has been a dramatic increase in the depiction of people smoking on shows aimed at young people. Truth Initiative, a U.S. non-profit dedicated to “making tobacco a thing of the past,” found that 92 per »

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Credit protection for tobacco giant following lawsuit decision

The big Canadian unit of one of the world’s major tobacco firms, Japan Tobacco Inc. (JTI), has been granted creditor protection following a courth ruling against big tobacco. This month the Quebec Court of Appeal upheld a class-action lawsuit filed »

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City bans all smoking on municipal property

The major east coast port city of Halifax has passed a sweeping new anti-smoking bylaw. Just weeks before a new federal law comes into effect allowing recreational use of cannabis (Oct 17), the city law bans all smoking on public »

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Canada’s government seeks to slash tobacco use

The use of tobacco kills 45,000 Canadians annually and the government wants to drive down the proportion of people who smoke from 15 per cent to less than five per cent by 2035. Smoking starts early Most Canadians start smoking »

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Study: “vaping” does lead to smoking cigarettes

A new Canadian study seems to put paid to an argument that e-cigarettes keeps young people away from smoking tobacco. In fact, the study says just the contrary The study involved some 44,000 teenage students in Ontario and Alberta and »

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Smoking kills 125 people a day, costs billions: study

The Conference of Board of Canada says smoking is responsible for a “devastating health burden” that highlights the need for the government to toughen its efforts to cut the use of tobacco. Using figures from 2012, the board’s study found »


Ontario’s first “100 %” smoke-free university

Ontario is the most populous province in Canada and has some 22 university institutions. Although many have strict smoking policies and are subject to provincial anti-smoking rules, McMaster University in Hamilton , Ontario, is set to become the first 100% »

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Canada pledges to drive down tobacco use

On this World No Tobacco Day, the government of Canada is pledging to meet “an aggressive but achievable target” of reducing tobacco use in Canada to less than five per cent by 2035. The overall smoking rate has already dropped from »

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Ontario’s strict anti-smoking laws: Over enthusiastic enforcement?

Since 2006, Ontario has been instituting increasing limitations on the sale and use of tobacco; Those laws now include no smoking in enclosed public spaces, enclosed work spaces, in vehicles with passengers under age 16, no smoking on bar and »

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The rate is falling but 5.3 million Canadians still smoke

Government statistics suggest 17.7 per cent of Canadians over the age of 12 smoked in 2015. That was down from 18.1 per cent the year before. There are campaigns throughout the country to encourage people to quit or never start »