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An international crackdown on wildlife crime and smuggling

Interpol once again launched a vast and widespread operation involving 109 countries to crack down on poaching, smuggling and wildlife crime. Environment and Climate Change Canada’s enforcement officers took part in this third edition of a global operation by customs »


Man fined $30K for smuggled cheese

A man who tried to smuggle about four tonnes of cheese into Canada earlier this year has five years to pay a $30,000-fine with a minimum payment of $1,000 each year for failing to declare the goods, an Ontario court »

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World’s biggest environmental crime investigation

Environmental crime estimated at $150 billion/yr Wildlife and forestry crime is the fourth largest crime area internationally after illegal drugs, counterfeiting, and human trafficking. Things like killing elephonts and rhinos for tusks and horns has long captured world media news, »

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Australian judge sentences Canadian ‘cocaine babe’ to 8 years in jail

An Australian court sentenced a Canadian drug mule to eight years in prison on Wednesday for her part in an attempt to smuggle into Sydney nearly 95 kilograms of cocaine hidden in luggage aboard a luxury cruise ship. Melina Roberge, »

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Canadian admits money laundering in narwhal smuggling scheme

A retired police officer pleaded guilty to 10 money-laundering charges in the United States yesterday after being convicted and fined in Canada for smuggling narwhal whale tusks. Gregory R. Logan faces up to 20 years in prison and a $500,000 »

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The man with the golden bum

Ok apologies to James Bond fans.. but police were trying to figure out how someone was making off with gold from Canada’s mint. The case has been kept very quiet: the Royal Canadian Mint doesn’t like to advertise that they »

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Turtle smuggler gets jail time

Chinese-Canadian sold thousands of turtles to China A 27-year old university student in Canada of Chinese origin, will spend almost 5 years in an American jail for smuggling turtles to China. Canadian citizen and Ontario resident, Kai Xu was a regular »

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Border agents protest cuts, saying security comprised

Passengers at the busy Montreal-Trudeau International Airport were presented with a surprise protest demonstration this morning, although no flights were delayed. A group of public servants and border agents were picketing to protest budget cuts and job losses. In a »

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Busy year for cash seizures by Canadian Border Services

Officials at Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) customs posts in airports and border crossings have had a busy time in the past few months seizing large amounts of undeclared and dodgy cash. Travellers are allowed to carry as much cash »

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Canadian guilty of smuggling endangered wildlife products

A 39 year old resident of west coast Richmond, British Columbia has pleaded guilty to a charge of wildlife smuggling in front of a US federal judge in Manhattan yesterday. Xiao Ju Guan, who owns an antiques business admitted trying »