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Canada hosting world’s top military sniper competition

For elite members of the world’s military, this is kind of like the Olympics of sniper skills. Starting today and running until September 28, the Canadian Army’s Infantry School will host the 20th Annual Canadian International Sniper Concentration (CISC). The »

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Canadian smashes sniper record

A Canadian sniper team, members of an elite military group, have set a new, almost unimaginable, and probably unbeatable record for a sniper shot, over three and half kilometres. Factors such as wind, distance, arc of the trajectory, and thermal »

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National Aboriginal Day: Honouring Sergeant-Major Francis Pegahmagabow

He was the most decorated aboriginal soldier of the Canadian military in the First World War. Now  on this 20th anniversary of National Aboriginal Day in Canada, a new, larger-than-life statue has been erected in his honour near his home. »

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Book:From battlefield, to hospital, to politics “Unflinching”

Jody Mitic wanted to be a soldier ever since he was a young boy. He joined the cadets, then as soon as he could, the regular army. He was sent to Afghanistan, where he was part of an elite sniper »

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WWI Aboriginal hero honoured

Francis Pegahmagabow was honoured this week. He was Canada’s most decorated indigenous soldier of the First World War. Francis Pegahmagabow shortly after the end of the war wearing his many medals © wikicommons On June 20th, a small ceremony was held »