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Early snow stalls western Canadian harvest

With crops like wheat, canola, barley, peas and others ready for harvest, an early snow has caused havoc across much of western Canadian farmland. Farmers have been as busy as possible trying to get as much harvested as possible before »

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Some waterways in Canada’s Great Lakes region now as salty as ocean: study

Road salt levels have hit new record levels in Canada’s Great Lakes region, making some waterways as salty as the ocean according to new chloride maps revealed by environmental advocates. WWF-Canada’s Great Lakes Chloride Summer Hot Spot Map reveals that »


Early snow wallops western province

On paper, it is still autumn in Canada, but Calgary and other parts of the western province of Alberta got up to 40 centimetres of heavy wet snow, making yesterday one of the snowiest October days in over 100 years. »


Wild weather changes for ever-ready Canadians

Ever wonder why Canadians talk so obsessively about the weather? Recent events may help you understand. For most of last week in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, temperatures were frigid around the -25 C mark with winds making it »

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Praying polar bear

It’s  a photo that’s gone viral. Jessica Andrews, 22, received an alert online in the morning that a polar bear was roaming around the area where she lived in Wesleyville, Newfoundland. Red balloon shows approximate location of Wesleyville, Newfoundland © Google »


Heavy snow hobbles southern British Columbia

Regions of the western province of British Columbia are struggling under unusually heavy snowfalls. Coastal areas usually enjoy temperate weather with rain in the winter falling more often than snow. Recently however, heavy snow has fallen on Vancouver Island as »


Snow storms hit and it’s not even winter yet

It’s not officially winter yet, but as usual, snow has already hammered parts of Canada. A snowstorm forced the closure of some schools and businesses in the eastern province of New Brunswick and buses were pulled off the road in »

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Research shows snow can be used to cool buildings

Canada gets lots of snow in winter and new research suggests it could be used as an environmentally-friendly way to cool buildings during the warm months of summer. The idea is to plow snow from roadways into pre-constructed and insulated »


Major snowstorms bring out the best in people

The capital city of Ottawa got a huge dump of snow on Tuesday, even by Canadian standards. More than 50 cm fell making everything difficult. CBC posted examples of the many ways in which people helped each other and this »

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Shovelling snow dangerous for inactive people

Most of Canada gets plenty of snow in winter, and most Canadians have to shovel it in order to get down their walks or to move their cars. The problem is that many Canadians are physically inactive and shovelling snow »