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Canada’s military aerobatics team resumes, but no public shows this year

Tragedy in May put flights on hold After an in flight issue resulting in a crash of one of the team’s jets at a show in Georgia, USA late last year, and a tragic crash in May in Kamloops. British »


Tragedy strikes Canadian air force aerobatic team

Canada’s air force suffered another deadly loss this weekend even as it was attempting to lift the spirits of Canadians dealing with COVID-19. The famous RCAF aerobatics team known as the ‘Snowbirds’ had been on a two week cross-country tour »

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Trump victory and Canadian snowbirds

Donald Trump‘s victory, described by some today as “shocking” and “stunning” is what Louis St. Laurent II was looking forward to. Mr. St. Laurent is President and co-editor of Le Soleil de la Floride, the largest Florida-based newspaper for Canadian Snowbirds. »

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Bill could give Canadian snowbirds extra two months a year in U.S.

Canadian media is reporting a proposed bill may give Canadian “snowbirds” (long-term vacationers) in the United States the right to stay two months more than the present limit of six months. Under the present laws, Canadians who stay longer than »

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Canadians and Americans concerned by proposed border crossing fee to U.S.

Canadians and Americans are raising questions and concerns over a proposed new fee for travellers crossing the border on their way to the United States. There are few details about the fee, a fee that exists for air travellers since »