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Lawyers for Snowden’s protectors take Canada to court

Lawyers are taking legal action to try to force the Canadian government to keep its promise to expedite the case of the asylum-seekers who protected U.S. security whistleblower Edward Snowden in Hong Kong. In a bid to bring them to »

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Lawyers renew appeal to Canada for Snowden helpers

Lawyers for the three families who assisted Edward Snowden are asking the government of Canada to fast-track their applications for asylum in this country. And they are asking Canadians to support the effort. The families were seeking asylum in Hong Kong »

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Snowden protectors face deportation, want asylum in Canada

The asylum seekers who sheltered NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden in Hong Kong in 2013 are facing imminent deportation and lawyers want Canada to quickly accept them as refugees. There are four adults and three children who may be put »

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Police spying on journalists a ‘radical attack on free press’

The outrage over news that police in Quebec province have gathered information from several journalists’ cell phones has grown to the point that the provincial government has mandated a public inquiry. Speaking to an overflow audience of McGill students via »

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Surveillance billboard markets ‘Snowden’ film

In a clever marketing move, an ad agency set up a billboard and showed surveillance images on a busy Toronto street to illustrate the privacy issues raised in the new movie called “Snowden.” The film based on National Security Agency »