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Manitobans face week-long delay to get power back after snowstorm

Manitobans dealing with the aftermath of an unprecedented snowstorm that knocked down power to the most densely populated southern half of the province last week will have to wait up to 10 days until power is fully restored, the provincial »

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Winter’s first real snowstorm hits central, east Canada

It was bound to come, but millions of Canadians were lulled into complacency by relatively mild weather so far this season. However, winter has suddenly arrived in Canada’s most populous areas, and with a good winter wallop. Until this week, »

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Winter’s legacy: potential for major damaging floods

As Canada enters it’s first few days of spring, it seems the wild winter in central and especially maritime Canada has left a potentially disastrous legacy. Already with the heavy snow load, a number of building have suffered roof collapses »