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COVID-19, angry Instagram post, and call to close ‘wet markets’

Canada’s Bryan Adams is a hugely successful rock icon with fans around the world. Some of those fans are upset with an expletive laden social media post he made after his performances at London’s Royal Albert Hall had to be »

L-R: Vincenzo Morello, Levon Sevunts, Marc Montgomery

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The LINK Online Feb 14.15.16, 2020

Your hosts today, Levon Sevunts, Vincenzo Morello,Marc Montgomery (video of show at bottom Canada plans to support ban on heavy fuel oil in Arctic shipping Environmentalists have long been concerned about shipping in the Arctic using heavy fuel oil (HFO) »

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Social media and the battle over political adverts

Social media has become a battleground for political parties especially during election campaigns. Now two of the giants have taken completely different attitudes. One will ban all political partisan adverts, the other will allow them and with no fact checking. »

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Beware of bot-amplified social media trends, warns Canadian expert

With the federal election in full swing, Canadians are getting increasingly engaged in political debates and messaging online with hot-button issues being shared, “liked” and retweeted on various social media platforms. But Fenwick McKelvey is urging people to be more »


Vetting political candidates

In recent years, several political hopefuls have had their plans cut short, often due to old social media posts. These often espouse positions or opinions expressed as private citizens, but which are deemed as being racist, sexist, politically extreme, or »

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Study shows Canadians tend to be polarised, but not because of social media

If we look at elections around the world, social media seems to play an important role in influencing citizens’ voting, but this does not seem to be the case in Canada. This is the finding of a new report on »

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Viral bad behaviour; professor says the doing and the filming share responsibility

There are many, even too many, videos available of people committing anti-social, aggressive, irresponsible or dangerous acts and posting them on social media. From the incredibly dangerous throwing of chairs from a high rise onto the street far below, to »

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Depression, social media and teenagers

It seems young people who spend a lot of time on social media experience more  symptoms of depression. The long term Canadian study involved 3,800 teens from 2012 to 2018. It examined the young people’s various screen times and found »


Your personal info collected by political parties

As Canada approaches a general election in October, people are starting to receive political information and solicitation for donations on their mobile phones, emails, and social media accounts. Most are wondering how a political party obtained their account information. It »

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Digital life and real life, the first lingers long after you’ve gone

Most of us probably have never thought about it. We have perhaps often heard that anything put on the internet is there forever, but that of course means it’s all still there after you are not. A legacy is what »