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A World Divided, or so it seems according to an international poll

It seems a majority of people in countries around the world think their country and societies are more divided than ever. A new international survey for the BBC by the polling firm Ipsos-MORI asked people in 27 countries about opinions» 

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British Columbia: Back again- the language on signs

Chinese only signs alienate residents The town of Richmond British Columbia has grown exponentially in the past few decades. From what had been a relatively sleepy area decades ago of mostly “white” Canadians, some 78.000 in 1981, with a tiny» 

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What you think you know about your country, vs. reality and facts

We get the news, we talk to others, and we get an idea of what’s going on around us. It seems however that our beliefs about situations in our respective countries, may be quite far from the reality, the facts» 

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Omar Khadr’s bail stands, government drops appeal

The new Canadian government has dropped the fight to reverse Omar Khadr’s release on bail. The former Guantanamo Bay inmate is living with his lawyer in the western Canadian city of Edmonton while he appeals his conviction and sentence in» 

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Who are Arab Canadians?

Arab Canadians are not a recent addition to the Canadian mosaic. It is widely believed the first Arab immigrant was a Lebanese man who arrived in Canada in 1882. Ibrahim Abou Nader came from the city of Zahleh, then in»